Illness in parents is always difficult, because the person who is there to look after you suddenly can’t do it, and you may have to be the ‘carer’ – the one who does the looking after – instead. This is always a bit confusing, but when a parent has a mental illness this can be even more confusing because:

1. She or he may not look ill or need to go to bed, although she or he may often (in some illnesses) not feel very energetic and look and behave tired.

2. The illness can affect how your Mum, Dad, or some other adult you rely on, thinks and feels about many things.

3. This change in his or her feelings may affect you, and make you wonder if it was because of something you did.

This website can help you to answer some of the many questions you are sure to have if you have a parent with a mental illness. It will explain about mental illness, some ideas about why it happens – as far as we know that – and what can help if you are living with someone who is mentally ill.