All of us face problems in life at some time. Sometimes they can make us upset; such as sad, angry or depressed. Of course all of us get depressed or unhappy and miserable at some time, but it usually passes in a few hours or a day or two. When it doesn’t or when there are things making us too anxious or too upset to manage, then a more ‘stuck’ depression can set in, or a person can become worried about many things, some of which may not really matter. That person may even worry about silly little things that you or even he or she would laugh about another time. Their sleep may be upset. They may even feel a bit ill physically or have headaches or other pains. Other ways that the same kind of worries can show themselves are not being able to concentrate or worrying about food.

These are mental health problems which can generally be overcome if you the person find someone to talk to who understands these things. Most people get through these times by talking with their families or friends, or – if they are younger – sometimes teachers and youth workers. Sometimes people who are feeling like this may need to talk to a specialist, or even take some medicine to help.

It is when these problems get a bit out of hand that people can begin to behave in rather extreme ways; sometimes not eating, hurting themselves, or behaving in ways which seem to be against other people.