Working Together

A new programme to create formal links between school nurses and adult mental health services in order to allow information exchange and the provision of support for the children of parents suffering from mental ill health.

L workshop group


The project will link adult mental health services with school nurses to ensure that young people whose parents are admitted for care have the opportunity to discuss their situation with a school nurse, subject to parental/patient approval.


The Kidstime Foundation will be aiming to develop the project by:

1) Piloting the Working Together project in at least one NHS Trust area
a. Work with one AMS nurse, one school nurse and 10 young people to trial the project
b. Run the project for two years, learning and improving the proposed methods based on experience

2) Creating a training programme for NHS Trusts wishing to implement the Working Together initiative
a. Provide leaflets for staff to use with parents to explain the impact which their condition might have on their children, and how Working Together can help
b. Develop workshops for AMS staff on discussing impact on children with their patients
c. Develop workshops for School Nurses on discussing parental mental illness with young people
d. Ensure that this training is accepted as CPD for mental health practitioners and school nurses

3) Discussing the Working Together project with the representatives of NHS trusts via conferences and other professional forums

4) Encourage the Department of Health to adopt the Working Together model
a. Work towards getting Working Together as a recommended model by the Department of Health to all NHS Trusts
b. Try to secure government funding for the expansion of the model nationwide