Kidstime Workshops

Kidstime workshops are for children, young people and their parents who are affected by mental health issues in their family. It’s a safe place where children can have fun, learn and get help and support from people who understand what’s going on in their lives. The workshops use drama so that young people can explore things they are worried about and begin to develop new ways of coping with difficult situations at home, in school, or in their daily lives.

About the Workshops

The Workshops are monthly run, multi-family groups lasting 2.5 hours. The whole family are encouraged to attend where possible; the parent or parents with mental illness, the non-ill parents, and the children. The groups include explanations of the mental illness for the children as well as drama sessions to represent their experiences. These sessions have been shown in a recent evaluation to significantly diminish the children’s levels of distress and disturbance and to improve the caring approaches adopted by the parents.

Find your local Kidstime Workshop

There are currently Kidstime Workshops running in several areas around the UK, with more being planned to start in different locations around the country. There are also workshops running in Barcelona, Spain and new workshops about to start up in Germany. If you would like to join a Kidstime workshop, or have a family you would like to refer to one in your area, please see the individual links below to understand each workshop’s referral process.

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