Setting up Who Cares? in your school

Below are more details about setting up a Who Cares? project in your school.

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Underlying Principles

To increase understanding of mental illness and confidence of school staff in recognition and response to the children of parents with a mental illness.

To increase understanding of mental illness, and reduce stigma amongst school age children.

To increase resilience in the affected children through cogent explanations of the illness and treatment, and through development of self protective strategies.



engagement and delivery

The Benefits to the Whole School

  • Talking about parental mental illness in schools has also been shown to increase peer support.

  • Parents have reported feeling reassured that their children are being recognised, their own guilt at their perceived failure diminished, and as a result their own well-being enhanced.

  • Teachers have said they have an increased confidence when talking about mental illness, they have a more open relationship with students and can sensitively support students both affected by the issues and the wider pupil population.

  • An impact on the whole school community through de-stigmatising mental illness.