The Hub Model

In order to initiate a significant process of social change there is a need for early intervention to enable the children and families to develop strategies for coping with the difficulties presented by parental mental illness and to enable the children to develop resilience to avoid the pitfalls of stigma and isolation.

What is a Local Hub?

The Kidstime Hubs will provide that support through the provision of high quality materials to the professionals involved in health, social care and education. It is proposed that a school is identified as the ‘lead’ school, ideally one which already had close links with agencies and charities who work with children and have relationships with schools and school heads. Each hub will include a Kidstime Workshop to support the affected families and a Who Cares? project within a school. This will mean working with local partnerships in health and education to create links between adult and children’s mental health services. There will be links between Who Cares? and Kidstime Workshops where children can be made aware of the support offered in school and school staff can alert the family to the support provided by the Kidstime Workshops.

How to set up a Hub

The Kidstime Foundation will train local delivery partners and school staff to work with these families and it will provide on-going support, a community of practice where knowledge and experience are exchanged and feedback is collected and analysed. Quality control will be held by the Foundation and supervision will be offered to ensure consistency and fidelity to the Kidstime model. It is anticipated that funding will have to be raised to ‘seed’ this provision and create evidence of its effectiveness which will lead to longer term financial support from commissioning bodies.

The Who Cares? hub school will identify a member of staff who would be funded by the Foundation for one day per week, typically a person who has a personal commitment to helping these children and has been actively engaged in work with troubled children, either at school or health and social care settings. These link leaders will be the most important factor in the success of roll out to all schools. They will be able to raise awareness and engage colleagues as well as monitor and maintain high standards, refine the materials, collect research data, share their knowledge and act as ambassadors. It is proposed that the Foundation would provide a master trainer to provide an initial training event for all the ‘hub’ schools, provide on-going support and collect impact research data from the schools. The ‘satellite’ employee would be responsible for developing the hub, engaging with heads, and supporting the schools in completing the training for teachers, the teaching for the general student body, and in implementing support systems for COPMI.

Role of the Foundation

The Foundation aims to train trainers in hubs in the use of ‘Who Cares?’ materials and methods and to train Kidstime Workshop facilitators. It will provide them with the resources they need to lead groups and work with families. The Foundation would also require the hubs and workshops to provide data and feedback to enable it to conduct research and to constantly refine the packages and training provided. It will support the hubs and workshops to share experience, best practice and learning with each other so that a network of experts could develop over time. The Foundation intends to develop a set of standards which would form part of the service agreement with the hubs and workshops to ensure quality standards were maintained and the experience of the children and families was consistent across all locations.

To find out more about setting up a local Hub Model for delivering the Kidstime Methodology in your area please contact us here.