Wirral Kidstime Workshop needs support to keep going.

We are raising money to keep the Wirral Kidstime Workshop going after funding cuts. Please help us raise money to keep this amazing initiative going!!

You can donate directly to this campaign here.                                          Please get in touch if you are running an event here.

Why is Kidstime important?

If left unchecked, it can be easy for a child or young person to have the wrong idea about an adult’s mental health difficulty. This can range from the child feeling responsible, wrongly blaming themselves for causing the condition, to a young person worrying about ‘catching’ a mental health illness.

By helping to open up conversations, sharing factual information and working through resources and activities, the Kidstime programme supports children, young people and their families to find ways of talking about mental health difficulties that can be acceptable to all of them. This can help to reduce anxiety and avoid uncertainty and half-truths, allowing fears and concerns to be named and addressed.

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Kidstime takes action on helping us learn about mental health in really fun ways. We use a lot of drama to help us figure out our own thoughts and feelings about our parent’s difficulty.

This makes it easier for us to express things in a way that is interesting and easy to understand.

Kidstime is never boring!


Fundraising Events

Up Coming events where you can show your support for Kidstime Wirral through donations and raffle tickets:

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