Being Seen & Heard

Children with a parent with mental illness often fall through the professional net and are seen as nobody’s responsibility. Nothing is explained to them, and they often receive no help at all to deal with the effects of the parent’s illness.

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All professionals working with adults with mental illness need to stop and think about the needs of these young people. This training package provides practical and creative suggestions about working with children and parents. It contains clips of children, young people and their parents talking about their experiences of mental illness and how professionals can work effectively with them.

This training video has been developed for the exclusive use of staff involved in the care of mentally ill parents and their children – whether from the Health, Social Care, Education, Probation or Voluntary Sector Services.

A CD-ROM of additional resources is enclosed with the video:

Training pack
The Royal College of Psychiatrists’ report ‘Patients as Parents’

Video training pack with CD-ROM 2004. £36 (incl. VAT)

To find out more please visit the Royal College of Psychiatrists website.