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“As someone who has known mental illness, and now campaigns for better services and understanding for the mentally ill, I welcome and support The ‘Who Cares? Project.

Mental ill health does not only affect the patient but their family, friends and wider circle, and for children and young people it can be particularly hard to have a parent who is mentally ill.

The project offers a chance to understand and talk about a parent’s illness, and to be in a school which is more understanding of what children are having to manage at home. It is a great relief that this project can help children both learn about and make sense of their parent’s illness, and as a result hopefully increase their resilience and make them less vulnerable to future mental ill health.”


“When I was a child my mum had a nervous breakdown, it was scary and confusing to see someone who was normally so strong looking and feeling so vulnerable. Its never easy to talk to your parents about these things, especially when you don’t even know whats happening to them. Kidstime helps to breakdown these barriers by teaching kids about mental illness, and its treatments. It also gives families the confidence, and communication skills, to talk openly in a safe space about mental health issues.

I wish Kidstime was around when I was younger but I’m glad they’re here now to make life a little easier, and the future a little brighter, for families dealing with mental illness.”